How to Bring More Fun in Promoting Your Book

22 Nov


The Road to Success – Photo by Michael Gras


Planing to write a book – or having one or more books already on the market?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone helping you to promote your book and show you: 

  • How to navigate all these Social Media sites?
  • And teaching you successful book marketing? 
  • Making it all fun – and not a daunting task?
  • Publicizing your book on all major social media sites for you?
  • Having someone you can ask all the questions you might have about self-publishing and book promotion?  


We will show you how easy it can be, once you learn the insider tricks!  

And most important: You will get this professional help for  just a dollar per day for a full three months! Actually only $98 for the whole package during the next three months! We are offering all this to authors, new and experienced. Besides writing useful free blogs and books to help authors navigate self-publishing, we are providing seminars and workshops. However, not everyone has the time to come for a whole weekend or longer to attend these courses. And there are writers everywhere in all parts of the world who cannot attend seminars easily.

For those we created an individual ONLINE BOOK MARKETING SEMINAR with one-on-one instruction over the phone (Skype) and through email, plus three month of advertising your book several times a day on all major social media sites.  To introduce this new marketing help, we are offering it for almost “next to nothing”.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post, when I explain

in detail how I can help you to achieve your goals

or visit:





Hyper Smash



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