Come on, lets help NJ and NY!

01 Nov

New Jersey shore communities or the Staten Island borough hardest hit. Almost like in New Orleans…

Just watch these news:

Hi everyone: Just watching the devastation in NJ and NY. What about every tweep donates $5 through PayPal and we donate this money DIRECTLY. Can anyone trustworthy here on Twitter collect the money through PayPal and organize delivery directly to the victims???

I am not talking about sending the money to charities, as a lot of it goes into administration and not to these poor people (I have volunteered long enough and saw how few actually goes to victims).

Dollar five is just the equivalent of two books – something everyone could donate!

Who could organize it?  Any trustworthy person here?

Sorry, I am in Canada right now. But I could do lots of PR for the cause. What do you think?  Any ideas?

Hyper Smash



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