Publishing News in Blogs – Part 2

18 Oct



Sexist Responses / Reviews to Women Writing
Sarah Sentilles worte in a Harvard University blog an article “Sexist responses to women writing about religion”.  Beside her personal experiences she cited statistics from Women in Literary Arts:

The Atlantic published 184 articles and pieces of fiction by men and 64 by women; 18 of their book reviewers were men and 8 were women; and 24 of the authors reviewed were men, compared to 12 women.
Harper’s Magazine published 65 articles by men and 13 articles by women; 23 of their book reviewers were men and 10 were women; 53 of the authors reviewed were men, 19 were women.
The New York Review of Books published 133 articles by men and 19 by women; 201 of their book reviewers were male and 53 were female; and they reviewed 75 male authors and only 17 female authors.
The New Yorker, The New York Times Book Review, The New Republic, The London Review of Books—all pay more attention to books and essays and articles, poems and short stories written by men than they do to those written by women.”
Find the whole article by Sarah Sentilles here:

My comment on this: What do you make of this stats? Well, maybe use a man’s pen name?


Amazon in India
David Gaughran writes about the new Amazon store in India. His findings:

  • Indian sales are not broken out in KDP.
  • There are no Indian Best Seller lists.
  • Amazon only pays 35% on Indian sales, regardless of list price.

“The Indian market has huge potential: a burgeoning middle class which speaks English and enjoys an increasing level of disposable income. Skeptics might point to high levels of poverty and low levels of internet connectivity, but with a population of 1.2 billion, only a small percentage of the population needs to purchase devices (or read on existing devices like smartphones) before this is an extremely important market.”
Read his full blog article:


Barnes and Noble pulls Amazon Books from Shelves

Stephanie Chandler writes: “While it may seem that Barnes&Noble is throwing a tantrum, it looks to me like they are standing up against a big bully.  Amazon’s KDP Select Program requires authors to limit their e-book distribution to Amazon only, forcing authors to eliminate distribution to Barnes and Noble Nook readers (plus iPad and other e-readers).  I don’t think it’s fair for Amazon to require exclusivity.  It’s not fair to readers or to authors who may want to acquire and distribute books elsewhere, and it’s a blatant attempt by Amazon to further dominate the e-book market.”
Read her article here.

Frankfurt Book Fair Closes with Positive Results

In a nut shell:  Frankfurter Buchmesse schließt mit positiver Bilanz: Der „neue Sportsgeist“
More general visitors, more interest in books and e-books, growing interest in conference program is the result of this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, the worlds’ most important book event, incurring a visitor plus of 0,6% to 281.753.

  • The Literary Agent Center in Halle 6.0 grew by 4,4% compared to 2011.
  • The conference and seminar program „Frankfurt Academy“ grew by 3300 participants or 10%.
  • More interest in translations from smaller countries and in digital projects.

Read the whole article in German: Frankfurter Buchmesse schließt mit positiver Bilanz: Der „neue Sportsgeist“



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