How to Become a Star on TWITTER

13 Oct


It’s only six months since I joined and started to tweet and I learned a lot in the meantime. Half of it I could have learned even before joining, but I am not good at reading any manuals, even so I bought some Twitter lectures, but they are still on my Kindle (read: I am too lazy, or I just dislike reading it). I can say, I probably made every mistake one can do on Twitter, especially hurrying to follow up until I was at 2’000 tweeps – and then stuck for weeks and weeks. Until I learned about

Now I became more selective in whom I follow. If you want to become popular on Twitter and have your tweets go viral, check out these small, but significant challenges you might not be aware of. So whom do I follow – or NOT:

Well, often they only think they are one. They do not follow back, even if they have 10’000 followers, they just follow 66 of their friends. In writing/publishing/photo/marketing circles I found them mainly among literary agents, YA writers and business advisers. Fine with me. As they are not interacting with me, nor re-tweeting anything I am posting, why should I follow them?

Me, Me, Me’s:
They consider Twitter as a free advertising board. When I go to their profile and scroll down I can’t see any re-tweets whatsoever. Some even never re-tweet. Only their continuing posts, varying from three to six subjects, and this for pages and pages… What I found so far: 80% of these are male and/or are introvert writers or leadership business advisers.

Too much of a good thing. They are lovely people, don’t get me wrong. They are re-tweeting, re-tweeting and re-tweeting more. And if you want to thank them and reciprocate you cannot find anything they are tweeting. Maybe on page 41… But I don’t have time to go through all these hundreds of re-tweets to find anything they originally posted to return their favor.

Veeerrrrryyyyyy long names:
Like “WriterAngelina-ChristineParastopolis”. If you take up half of the space just for your name, there is barely anything left for conversation. Just cut it at least in half, thanks.
OK, enough said. These are just four of many challenges that make it difficult to interact with others on Twitter – or prevents tweeps to click on Follow you and for you to build social networks and build a platform. To become popular and successful on Twitter:

  • Follow others, tweet something valuable for others and don’t use Twitter as a cheap way to advertise!
  • Create a nice mixture of your own, really interesting tweets and do some re-tweeting.
  • Choose a very short Twitter name.
  • Make it as easy and convenient as possible for your fellow tweeps to engage and interact with you. 

Is there anything you think of, people can do to become a star in the Twittersphare, other than to post really great content and be social with others? Any good advices you have for them (or for me : )



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One response to “How to Become a Star on TWITTER

  1. Viki

    October 23, 2012 at 5:59 am

    Interaction on Twitter is of the utmost importance. As is creating Tweets which other people want to re-tweet, want to Favorite. Looking at what others Tweet, at who they are following is also important, to see whether you have something in common with them, whether they will react to you or even notice that you are there. It is possible to build up a very strong following with just a few followers, when you are in a specific niche but, with the right followers, you can reach a far bigger market through those who follow them, and so on, providing your Tweets are interesting enough for them to notice, to re-tweet and pass on. Size isn’t always of the greatest importance, quality always.


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