E-books for 99 cents – or Free with Advertising?

12 Oct


A new survey by eBookPlus  reveals impressive figures on e-books readers’ preferences.  The survey is based on answers from five thousand people in the USA and the UK, each question being answered by a thousand respondents. The survey shows that readers have no objection to advertising. In fact, most of them prefer reading free e-books with advertising to having to pay for them.

The survey showed that, in the USA, readers’ preferences are:
– 45.7% prefer free e-books with advertising (at least 15 seconds) at the beginning of the chapters;
– 20.8% prefer to pay 99 cents for an ebook without advertising;
– 9.1% would pay up to 2.99 dollars for a version without advertising.
– 10.3% would pay up to 19.90 dollars for a version without advertising;
– 14.1% prefer to download a pirate version;

In the United Kingdom, the numbers are similar:
– 51.9% prefer free e-books, with up to 15 seconds of advertising at the beginning of the chapters;
– 15.2% would pay up to 99 cents;
– 12.5% would pay up to 2.99 dollars;
– 9.4% say they would pay up to 19.90 dollars for an ebook without advertising.
– 11% prefer the illegal version;

The same survey was carried out twice this year in the USA, in different months. Surveys of different people, in April and September, showed the same average results.

Well, no one ever asked me…  My answer would be:  None of it!  Aren’t we flooded constantly with advertisements? And why should authors work of writing for months not honored? Why would an author not at least earn as much as readers pay for a Latte? Drink your coffee at home that’s cheaper and read a good book! Maybe I am too old-fashioned…

From a press release by Read the whole survey.



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