7,400 Intl. Exhibitors, 3,200 Events at Frankfurt Book Fair

11 Oct


If you have never been to Germany in early October, you have missed something!  No, I don’t mean the Oktoberfest in Munich, the world’s biggest party (even it’s worth a visit!) – I am talking here about the world’s biggest book fair, the Frankfurt Buchmesse.

Welcome to the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012!

From 10 to 14 October there’s nowhere else you should be but with millions of books. As the world’s largest, even legendary book fair, Frankfurt is always exciting, innovative and very, very colorful. This year there will be  more than 7,400 international exhibitors, diverse new customer groups and more than 3,200 events. Among its many activities, the Frankfurt Academy is hosting four conferences to help international publishers find their way in the digital world, as well as the two-day event, StoryDrive, to highlight the potential for cross-medial cooperation.

Find information on book markets worldwide on their website. But there is more: whether it’s assistance for first timers, new technologies in the classroom, marketing for publishers. Frankfurt promises a lot – and they keep their promise – always.
The First Timer Seminar provides, among others:

  • info on how to pave the way for new business contacts.
  • info on how to make your Fair agenda working efficiently.
  • info on how to benefit from the Frankfurt Academy conferences and programmes.
  • introduction into the rights and licence business by an experienced expert.
  • personal testimonials by former First Timers.
  • guided tour of the Fair (subsequently, optional).
  • Meet with…
  • other first time exhibitors and trade visitors to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Did you read the blog about splitting your book apart and selling the rights separately? Or the one about foreign rights?  Here in Frankfurt you will find hundreds or thousands of international publishers to whom you can sell foreign rights.

Make your arrangements for the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair early, especially for accommodations, and order your tickets online.  Pre-purchased tickets will entitle you to free use of public transport (RMV) as soon as you arrive.  Enjoy this wonderful world of books in Germany!



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