The Silver Lining after a Bad Book Review

12 Sep

Margaret Kell-Virany: “Right now I’m on a high because I just got two four-star reviews for my Kindle book, A Book of Kells — the one that was called “Unable to Read” and awarded two stars by a reviewer last May.

At the time, the review was hard for me to take because I had just been pimping the book  like mad and given out 4500 free copies in a three-day promotion.  However, the review turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it alerted me to formatting problems I didn’t know about and wasn’t directly responsible for.
Amazon had offered to convert my paperback into a Kindle edition. They outsourced the formatting to Amazon Digital Services (this company doesn’t exist any more). I had trouble finding anyone at Kindle Support who could help me.

I corrected the mistakes (it was an awfully big job) and it is now up for sale again with perfect formatting.
Until quite recently no one who was not a personal contact of mine had reviewed the Kindle edition of A Book of Kells.  I had given up hope that people who downloaded free copies ever contacted the author.
But, interestingly, the readers who wrote the wonderful reviews {below) must have read the book in its “unable to read” state, since I’ve made no sales since the May promotion.”

The silver lining is also that my faith is renewed that the promo was worthwhile and I may do another one.  Meanwhile, I’m doing a little celebratory dance and hope you will join me. Here are the two reviews:

Brenda Lutz (MORRISTOWN, TN, US) July 16/12
” Different and interesting.
“Another book written from letters. Enjoyed this book and the historical background is always intriguing to me.Learned much about early Canada and their natives. Recommend this book.”
J. Corbett (Arizona) Aug. 31/12
“A Book Of Kells brought me back in time to when people were more concerned about God, country, and family than they are today. I often thought what was life was like back then for people working in the spread of Christianity. Well, this book does a very good job of explaining what it was like. The dedication of the people is amazing!
A book about real people, in real life situations makes for real interesting reading!
I loved this book!”

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One response to “The Silver Lining after a Bad Book Review

  1. M. C. V. egan

    September 12, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    Bad reviews with “constructive criticism’ do have a silver lining. So cool you were able to correct the quality.


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