Freelance Writers: Send Your Story to “Chicken Soup”

04 Jul


Have you ever read a Chicken Soup for the Soul story that had a wonderful nugget of advice in it that made a difference in your life? Chicken Soup editors are looking for stories that contain great pieces of advice, whether they are little things that improve our everyday lives, or major epiphanies that can change a life completely.

If your story is accepted you receive $200, plus 10 copies of the book you are in. Not to speak from the fantastic reference to be a Chicken Soup contributor.  Deadline is July 31, 2012 for most of following topics:

  • Independent Woman
  • Great Advice for Making Changes in Your Life
  • Angels Among Us
  • Raising Kids on the Spectrum

Stories and poems must be non-fiction and should be no longer than 1,200 words. Feel free to submit more than one story or poem to us to consider. Please know that the only way to submit your stories or poems is via the website.  Read carefully the Writers Guidelines.

Good luck!

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One response to “Freelance Writers: Send Your Story to “Chicken Soup”

  1. Andrew J

    July 5, 2012 at 5:24 am

    Chicken Soup for the Soul – I really enjoyed writing style of this book. I felt as if the author was sitting in front of me and actually speaking to me. Most people have heard of a couple of the steps mentioned, but most don’t apply them. There were some steps that were knew to me and I will be exploring taking action on them. You will never be happy and reach all that you can, if you don’t take the first steps and try to move forward.

    I’ve been on the journey of self development for some time now. I’ve been on courses, workshops and what not, but I needed a short and focused handbook to be with me everywhere and I found it in this book


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