“Cushla – Almost Magic” Reflections of a Reformed Gypsy Girl

04 Jul

I enjoyed the first two books and it is a pleasure for me to announce Elizabeth Radmore’s third book in this serie:  Cushla – Almost Magic

 Her first novel, “Cushla-Memoirs of a Reluctant Gypsy Girl” tells the story of Kathleen McKenna’s adventure in a gypsy camp and her father taking up bare-knuckle fighting in order to earn enough money to get them home and emigrate to Canada.

Elizabeth Rodmore’s second novel, “Cushla-Gypsy Spirit” recounts the turbulent voyage across the Atlantic to Canada and the struggles the family encounters in a new and very different land.

In the final novel of the trilogy, “Cushla-Almost Magic, Reflections of a reformed gypsy girl” Kathleen is grown up and with the spiritual help of Nora, the gypsy woman who befriended her, she begins to dabble in the mystical art of tarot card reading.

It’s an engaging book, whose spirited heroine is a perfect match for the life she’s handed. Cushla comes finds love, heartache along with all the trials and tribulations of finding one’s way in life.


Elizabeth Radmore, was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and emigrated to Canada with her father, mother and two brothers in 1951.  As a child in Ireland she had to leave home with her father in search of work.  They tramped the land, often sleeping under bridges at night for shelter. There was no work to be found and with what little money they had gone, they joined a band of gypsies for survival.

Elizabeth’s artistic talents encompass a vast array of visual work including; oil and acrylic painting; silk scarves and wearable art jewellery. A sample of her work can be seen on her web site:

Elizabeth lives in Stittsville, Ontario with her husband, Dave Norton, her beloved yellow lab, Sophie and her calico cat, Cali. Her children Jason Radmore, Natalie Travis and Rachel Radmore all live close by with families of their own.



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