Would You Like to Write a Guest Post?

20 Jun

Guest Blog Writing


For the past year I have written more than 880 blog posts which have been read by over 255.000 people. These posts are submitted several times a day to Google+, Twitter, Pinterest,, Tumblr, StumpleUpon, Google Communities, Goodreads etc. However, this blog would benefit now from a variety of voices, additional advice and different points of view.

I am now inviting guest posts on this blog.

Guest posting is a great way for your blog and your book to get some fantastic exposure. You certainly can add links from your guest blog to your website, your own blog or the online retailer where your book is sold. At the same time you’ll be helping readers of this blog by providing them with useful and relevant information. I welcome posts from writers or bloggers and others in the publishing industry, who know from their own experience what they are writing about.

Here are some guidelines for you:

  • Your Guest Post must be original. It should be a new, original post, written entirely by you. No articles from article directories.
  • Topics: should be relating to writing, publishing and book marketing. It doesn’t have to be specific to e-books.
  • Length: somewhere between 500 words to 750 words. Longer posts if the subject requires it.
  • Exclusivity: for 30 Days. By submitting a guest post to us, you agree not to post it anywhere else online for a period of 30 days after it first appears on this blog.
  • Don’t query. Just send your entire post to 111publishing *at* gmail  . com – directly in the emailbody – NO Word attachments will be opened!!!
  • Subject: Guest Post
  • Please include a short “About the Author” bio of approximately 70 words (not including the link to your Web site. Include your Twitter, Google+ or FB ID with the post.
  • The link back to your blog should be in the Author Bio, not within the article itself. Your bio link must link to your own author site, writing- or publishing-related web site or book. No affiliate links and no links to unrelated sites.
  • Please submit a polished post that you would be proud to have published.

You will be contacted within 3 working days.

Thank you for your interest and I do look forward to hearing from you!




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3 responses to “Would You Like to Write a Guest Post?

  1. EditorEtc™ LLC

    February 15, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    Reblogged this on EditorEtc LLC and commented:
    Doris invites guest bloggers + her guidelines…

  2. Simon D. Reagan

    November 25, 2013 at 10:46 am

    Hi, I’ve just completed my first book, a work of fiction based upon a conspiracy set in the international oil markets. The book’s website is at and the book is of the same title. It’s available in kindle version on Amazon. I’d like to submit an article for your blog along the following lines. Although the book is set in the international bond markets (my career background), my real interest, and the real reason for writing the book, relates to a massacre in a small German village, Nemmersdorf, in the closing months of the Second World War. History is nearly always written by the victors and they create the heroes, but the reality is that in all wars crimes are committed on both sides. So, one of the ‘framework themes’ of the book is how one of the perpetrators of this war crime is eventually brought to justice, even though he has become a leading ‘oligarch’ in Russian society. The guest blog would address issues of how to research a topic, and writing to engage an audience in themes or issues in which the author is personally interested- in other words, not writing a book for yourself, but rather for a wider readership! I also learnt about issues which matter to me during the writing process, so even if sales eventually turn out to be zero, this will have been a tangible and longlasting benefit. This would be one of the blog’s messages. Thanks in advance for considering this enquiry.

    • ebooksinternational

      November 25, 2013 at 8:55 pm

      Simon, thanks,

      please read this blog post, before you write your comment – in fact an advertisement for your book:

      Our blog says very clear:

      “Don’t query. Just send your entire post to 111publishing *at* gmail . com – directly in the emails’ body – NO Word attachments will be opened!!!”

      Your inquiry – instead of enquiry – is not a guest blog and it does not qualify anywhere else as a guest blog! And it should be void of typing errors.
      And written for online reading. Not like a book. Please see our article about writing for the web:

      Do’s and Don’ts in Content Writing / Blogging / Guest Blogging

      Headline attention – encourage readers to read the next line
      Use keywords that resonate with your audience
      Simple and direct works well
      Exciting, interesting, controversial, sensational all work well
      Numbers / lists / real data works well
      Just don’t be boring

      Writing content will not transform your book into an overnight success, but it is a wonderful option for a long-term strategy, to build an authors platform and it gives your readers a sample of your writing.

      Please read what we explained what a guest post is: Topics: should be relating to writing, publishing and book marketing. …

      Guest posts have to be useful for the READERS and not for the writer! You get a short description about you and your book and one or two links anyway at the end of the article. So take the time go through our topics and write something valuable for our readers who are mostly writers themselves. And send the article to the email address we gave you now twice.

      Thanks, Doris


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