10 Commands to Boost Your YouTube Book Trailer

18 Jun


A fantastic way to promote your book is with video. These videos are called Book Trailers. Book trailers are very similar to a movie trailer. They serve the same purpose of promoting and peaking interest in your potential audience.

1. Attention span of YouTube users is very low.
1-2 minute videos work best for YouTube. Deliver a short but powerful message. If you have something significant to say, break up the video into 2-5 parts and upload them with unique keyword rich titles.

2. Creating infomovies (videos with slides and voiceover) using PowerPoint:
Make sure that you have a custom unique background for your slides. This custom background can contain your website’s URL on the top or bottom right corner. With this technique you can gain visitors even if your video is embedded on other sites.

3. Screencast videos:
Try to record the screen at 640×360 (16:9) so that the videos do not appear fuzzy. If you can’t do it in 360p, you can make it at 480p (854×480).

4. Use annotations in your video.
Have a specific call to action in the annotation. You can link to subscribe page, channel page, another YouTube video or just ask the visitor to visit your URL for more information.

5. Controversial videos attract a lot of attention on YouTube.
Make sure to provide quality content after you attract the viewers using you controversial title. Visit also: to see the latest trending videos.

6. Leave useful comments in related videos.
If your comments are liked, it will be on top and a lot of visitors will click on your username and land on your channel.

7. Every video you upload is eligible to be a video response to other videos.
Find some related videos in your niche and if appropriate, post a video response using one of your videos.

8. Enter a great title.
By default your channel name is also the title of the channel but you can edit it in “channel settings”.

9. Add link(s) to your website(s).
YouTube allows adding more than one link to your website(s) in your channel’s sidebar.

10. Search for keywords from AdWords Keyword tool.
However, use low competing keywords. You can also enter tags from competing videos so that your videos will appear as related videos when those videos are watched.

To find free music and images see this former blog: How to Create your Book Trailer? 

Watch samples of book trailers:

There are plenty of options to get your book trailer out. Amazon’s Author Central profile pages let you put your video on Amazon, including on your author profile and on specific book pages, which helps you reach people who are already interested in your work.  You can upload your video to YouTube and a dozen other sites, promote it via Facebook and Twitter. Book trailers are still sufficiently new to get people interested. And certainly add the trailer to your website or blog


Excerpt from the brand new e-book: ***** 111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer ***** featuring valuable tips and links to video tutorials, free music downloads and free images, available on Amazon:




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2 responses to “10 Commands to Boost Your YouTube Book Trailer

  1. Sheila Clover English

    June 19, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Nicely done article! The official book trailer profile on YouTube is and belongs to COS Productions who actually trademarked the term “book trailer” many years ago.

  2. ebooksinternational

    June 20, 2012 at 11:15 am

    Reblogged this on EbookAutorenPublizieren.


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