Most Well-read Cities In America

13 Jun


The world’s top bookseller,, released some stats about which cities bought the most books, magazines and newspapers in the past year. Topping their list of the 20 most well-read cities in America is Alexandria, VA. Two other Virginia cities also placed in the top 20, Arlington at 7 and Richmond coming in last at 20.

As they say, Virginia is for lovers, and according to CNN, Alexandrians’ were more inclined to buy romance novels from than any other genre.

The second most well-read city in America is none other than Cambridge, Mass., home of Harvard and MIT. With a population of more than 100,000, Amazon says Cambridge residents were more likely to buy….

This year’s list may also surprise some, as some of our nation’s largest cities and urban centers did not make the list. Notably absent are cities Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.  Amazon’s home town of Seattle, Washington did make the list, though they sit on the lower end at number 13, edged out by cities such as Miami, Florida, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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