Looking for the Perfect Gift for Your Mother?

11 May

FREE at the Kindle store in the UK and USA 

May 11-13 (Friday to Sunday)

A Book of Kells – a story of a war bride from Great Britain, marrying a minister who lives in a very remote northern Cree reservation… ebook/dp/B00440DQNA/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1325308566&sr=1-6

Your mother doesn’t need an e-reader, she can also read it on a tablet or on a laptop.

Read some of the reviews:
Sigrid Macdonald: “A Book of Kells is a fascinating account of the early lives of the author’s parents – how they met, the nature of their courtship, and what they did with their lives before and after they had children. Margaret Kell’s father, John, was a farmer turned minister. Her mother came from England and together they became missionaries of sorts, being one of the first people – if not the first – to bring the Word and the Bible to the Cree Indians. These parents were strict and devout, living through the Great Depression and the days of the milkman’s wagon.

The book is a wonderful historical account of hard-working, devoted Canadians, with powerful scenes such as the parents kayaking and logging for 40 miles in the brutally cold northern Manitoba wind: so cold that the father’s nose froze.”

Diane Beckett: “This is a wonderfully personal tale of one family that sweeps through Canadian history from the 1800’s onwards. The descriptions of the ordinary details of life, as well as the big events and traditions, puts the reader into every scene. But the strength of the story is a grown woman searching her family’s past for an understanding of her parents’ and her egos and souls. It’s both a historical and a psychological story.”


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