Top Forums for Self-Publishers

10 Apr

Barry Eisler once said:
“All writers think of what they do as an art.
Smart writers understand that writing is also a business.
Really smart writers see themselves also as entrepreneurs.”

Great help on your way to become a writer / entrepreneur are these forums:

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Network  
THE book-marketing guru John Kremer founded this community, which has groups, forums, blogs and other social-media functions. A 5,000+ member forum where you can interact with other authors and participate in active discussions.

Absolute Write Water Cooler 
This large community of writers offers conversation, discussion and enlightenment on many writing-related
topics. There is a Self-Publishing and POD forum, as well as over 500 threaded conversations which makes searching the archives easy with their treasure trove of helpful tips.

Small Publishers Association of North America
Created and run by the Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN), this new social network has
great forums. Topics are mostly blogs and books, and other things small publishers focus.

The Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Community    
From “Perfect dimensions for cover image” and “How Do You Decide the Price of Your Book?” to “How to write and publish books without an aggregator”.

The Writers Workshop   
An active British Writers Community. There is a forum part: Find out How To Get Published and one “Explore the best book on Getting Published”, “Self-publishing in the UK” or “Your experience with POD publishing”.

Romance Writers of America Forums   
Run by the Romance Writers of America, actually two forums, has a self-publishing and small press forum – but it is “for members only”. So if you are writing in this genre, join the friendly folks here.

Support for Multi Media Self-Publishing   
This small forum is not only dedicated to authors, but also photographers, video producers etc. Topics are e-Books, PDFs, reports & other digital documents, posts are i.e. “How to construct a landing page”, “Social media goes mobile”.

Now you might have an idea why you should join self-publisher forums? Your fellow self-publishers / small publishers have been there – done that. These forums are a cornucopia of freely shared knowledge, entertainment, generous support and friendly colleagues.



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One response to “Top Forums for Self-Publishers

  1. Lee More

    April 28, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    Hello fellow humans, I’m a new author on the scene and are looking for some fans, advice, criticisms’, and anything else anyone cares to share about my ebook The Legend of Lee More, along with my website. You can check out both if you like at It has links to my book. Also, Smashwords gives a free sample. Feel free to blog and leave links. Thanks for your support, and I look forward to supporting you supporting me.
    For only $3 you can get a laugh, a memory, and a social reflection that is worthless, or price less, depending on your own perspective. The Legend of Lee More is an autobiography that should really be classified as fiction. You would have to read it to understand what I mean. It is available on ebook for oyur Kindle or Nook at SmashWords,, and Barns&


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