Submit Your e-Book to Worldwide Online Sellers

02 Apr

Mobile media and cloud computing emerged over the past years and enabled the e-book market to rapidly expand worldwide.  Authors and publishers are transmitting their books more and more to foreign booksellers. These are just a few of the numerous possibilities to submit e-books:





Hong Kong

Australia and New Zealand


United Kingdom






United States

Worldwide Distribution to 32,000 smaller e-book stores


How to Drive Sales to Online Booksellers
Submit your book to Online Booksellers in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.K. and U.S.A.
Online Bookseller sites are incredibly powerful and can have a significant impact on sales. They have become a critical part of the bookselling landscape because:

  • They are the first place many readers go for information on a title
  • Readers who begin their search for an author, title, or topic with a search engine are often immediately directed to one of a number of global retailers
  • Online Booksellers are savvy retailers who provide some fantastic marketing opportunities for authors.

What helps to sell your book at online booksellers

Have lots of reviews.
Don’t underestimate the importance of your product page having positive customer reviews and ask your contacts to write reviews for your book. Customer reviews help convert browsers to buyers and a powerful and free way to market your book and can have a great impact on your sales. Research has shown that online shoppers look at the reader reviews and that they very much affect a reader’s decision to buy a particular title.

Create a book trailer.
Online booksellers prefer to show a video on a product page; it increases book sales and customers are hungry for this sort of content. Video is easy to create and can have a real impact. Focus on giving viewers something new that they wouldn’t know just from reading your book: make them feel like they are getting something extra.

Expect more information on selling e-books and how to submit them worldwide on this blog page. Stay tuned!



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