5 Steps to Edit Your Book Before Publication

27 Mar

Many first-time authors offer a poor product when they fail to let their books professionally edit. Editing and quality management is not raising profits, so almost all book printers and e-book distributors will print exactly what they are given—mistakes and all – same with electronic books.

Authors have to make sure their work is copyright protected, has the proper bar coding and ISBN registration. Failure to do this result in a work that looks unprofessional, is easily plagiarized, and whose distribution and sales numbers are limited by its amateurish presentation.

Content Editor & Copy Editor
No online bookseller, such as Amazon, Apple or Sony are editing any of the files that are downloaded at their sites – it is the authors responsibility as the independent self-publisher to hire a professional content editor (content, character, consistency), a copy editor (formatting, grammar, typos), a book lay-outer and for e-books a professional formatter.

Poor editing is the #1 complaint from readers and literature customers of self-published titles.
No matter, how many editors worked on your book, let single chapters read by friends or family – and then read it once more before submitting as e-book – or if you let your book print on paper and receive the proofs, read it once more.

Tools to use BEFORE submitting to your content and copy editor:

Using these three online tools and having your book proofed by a) content editor and b) copy editor will give you some peace of mind. And if you ask some people that are not involved in the book, they might even find more bugs that have been overseen.

Read the entire book once more. While you are reading, you’ll be checking for typos and inconsistencies. Books last a very long time, and so do the typographical and other errors that sneak into them. Don’t forget to carefully proofread the copy on the back cover. 


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