Top Ten “Craft of Writing” Online Communities

11 Mar



Thomas Mann once said: “A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people”.  So true.  Yet, you have a lot of help on your fingertips:  Use these fantastic websites and get answers, even if it is necessary to send in a whole chapter or manuscript.
Follow the lively muse… Creating and claiming a regular writing practice is how the novel, the stories, the memoirs get written, and that’s what this website and other materials and communications are all about. Here you will find writing prompts and exercises, inspirational tips, ideas, and insights from Judy Reeves’ more than 20 years of teaching writing and leading writing groups.
This forum has 38,000 members and a critique section for novels, nonfiction and script writing, as well as writing job posts.  Post a sample of your work and ask for polite, honest feedback from your circle members. There is also a Q&A section: discuss editing, grammar, publishing, and read answers to questions you never dared to ask.
The editors of this content farm / e-zine pride themselves on their accessibility: They reply personally to every author who queries and offer suggestions on how to improve work. Their goal is to publish the best work of writers — from beginners to established authors.
Wattpad has experienced explosive growth since its inception and is now the world’s most popular destination to critique and read e-books. Wattpad contains billions of pages from its library of works created by the Wattpad community.
Writers of all genres – Mystery, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Romance, Suspense, Horror and Fantasy are welcome to give and receive reader feedback at Critique Circle.
Why will this site help you get published? Michael Jordan practiced. Tiger Woods practices. Pablo Picasso practiced. He started painting when he was seven. So then why don’t writers practice? The Write Practice is here to kick-start your practice, to give you feedback and critique – and new readers!
Their Motto: “Write on, shine on”.  Get more creative writing ideas and tips for better writing…Writing Forward shares a wealth of writing information. “Are You Cut Out for Freelance Writing?” in particular is a real gut-checking article.
Directory for plot series: How to plot a novel, memoir, screenplay –  great plot tips for writers. Secrets of story structure, any writer can master. Even YouTube plot series are offered.
The Phrase Thesaurus is a writers’ resource that stimulates ideas for headlines, copy, song lyrics, fiction writing etc.  Journalists, advertising copywriters, songwriters, or anyone interested in creative writing in English, can benefit from this ideas generator.
Fee-based online courses offered by Writers Digest: Fundamentals of Fiction Writing, Advanced Novel Writing Workshop, Elements of Effective Writing: Grammar and Mechanics. Snippets of their courses can be found on the website too.
Writing skills are essential to your success. Daily Writing Tips is about that. Every day you will receive a grammar, spelling, punctuation or vocabulary tip.
If you want to write a novel, a short story, your memoir, the first step is to start writing. It’s the next step that’s the tricky one and the one where many writers trip up: keep writing. Get all the help on these websites.



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