Writing Boot Camp in New York

28 Feb
Photo Bobby Mikul

Photo Bobby Mikul

Trying to break into the magazine market? Need help making a query sing? Want to know how to get your nonfiction book published?  The 41st Annual ASJA Writers Conference, with more than 80 workshops and panels, will break down industry barriers and bring a successful freelance career within your reach.

This “Writing Boot Camp” can help you uncover new income streams and ways to boost your bottom line. Learn how to market yourself to editors and agents. Gain access to professional, seasoned writers through numerous networking opportunities. See the latest information on publishing technology.  Meet experts on topics ranging from social networking business strategies to writing craft, technology, breaking into new markets and more.

Learn the “how-to” with information focused on your needs that you can use immediately to help you rise to the top of the freelance writing field. Bestselling author, columnist and blogger Gretchen Rubin shares her personal recipe for success and happiness. Can you be a successful author and also love every word you write? Is there a way to balance promoting your brand while still finding time for your craft? How can aspiring authors navigate the new realities of publishing without losing their minds in the process?

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