Is It A Good Idea To Be A Freelancer?

22 Feb

What is freelance writing exactly?

Wikipedia explains: A freelance writer, also called “Independent contractor”, is somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term, unless they offer great writing opportunities and conditions.  They typically keep the copyright to their works and sell the rights to publishers in time-limited contracts. In contrast, intellectual property created under a work for hire situation according to the publishers’ or other customers’ specifications are referred to as “independent contractors” and similar terms. They have no copyright to the works, which are written as works made for hire, a category of intellectual property defined in US copyright law — Section 101, Copyright Act of 1976 (USC 17 §101).

Websites for Freelancers
In its fifteens year now, delivers daily and real-time freelance writing jobs for freelance writers – free! Their Writer’s Guidelines database consists of more than 1118 guidelines for freelancing. But there are more valuables on this webpage: video tutorials, sample query letters, writing contests and author interviews.
Since ten years, has offered articles and advice for freelance writers, but since freelancing is both a career choice and a lifestyle, they have expanded to cover anything related to living in the freelance world, covering topics such as social media, writing and career resources, getaways for writers and other great ideas.
They claim to be the highest circulation freelance writing ezine in the world. Sign up to get freelance job and paying market listings for writers every Wednesday by email. The site features among other, interesting and valuable articles by Mark Levine, attorney and author of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing. Also: Whispers and Warnings for authors and Writing markets database for markets that welcome new writers.
PWAC’s (Professional Writers Association Canada) rate guidelines are based on fee information we have collected from PWAC members across Canada and from various industries that regularly hire writers on a freelance/contract basis. Join to get listed in their database of freelance writers. Copyrights are explained, and guidelines for writing contracts are given.
Regularly posts freelance writing offers, writing and editing positions, writing contests, grants, writers conferences and retreats. Lots and lots of marketing tips for freelance writers and how to sell your published work.
Tons of valuable tips for online writers from Sharon Hurley Hall, journalist, ghostwriter and freelancer herself. She says: “It includes straight talk about writing skills and resources, self promotion and writing markets that will help you to launch yourself as a freelance writer. I’m pleased to say that some of my regular readers have used my advice to build successful freelance writing careers of their own.” 

What are your experiences with freelance writing? And do you know of any other websites that cover broad aspects of freelance writing, including freelance opportunities?




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