The Canadian Writer’s Market, 18th Edition

21 Feb

Canadian Writers Market

The American Writers Market is certainly larger than the Canadian, however as many writers from Canada cater to American publications, it happens vice versa too. The same is true for Australien, British and any authors from english-speaking countries. Literature is supported heavily by the Canadian Government and there are hundreds of magazine- and book publishers to be found in Canada – and in the Canadian Writers Market book.

The Canadian Writer’s Market offers practical advice on everything from manuscript preparation to copyright law, from information on pay rates to writers’ workshops.

It includes comprehensive and up-to-date listings for:

  • consumer magazines
  • literary and scholarly journals
  • trade, business, and professional publications
  • daily newspapers
  • book publishers
  • literary agents
  • awards, competitions, and grants
  • writers’ organizations and support agencies
  • writers’ workshops, courses, and retreats
  • Provincial & Federal Support Programs
  • Creative Writing & Journalism Courses at Colleges & Universities

What it is missing
Rates charged for writing and editing services by freelance writers and editors in Canada. The book contains some useful information but is missing this valuable piece, included always in the American Writers Market.

The Canadian Writer’s Market, 18th Edition by Joanna Karaplis is not available as an e-book, automatically switches over to, the Canadian Amazon site.

Price: CDN$ 16.92 Today £12.53 Today

To check out Canadian writers markets online or find information about Writers Associations you can also go to



<a href=””>Hyper Smash</a>


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