A Must-Have For Every Writer

20 Feb


Among other reasons, you work so hard on your manuscript to eventually get published and paid for your writing.  “2012 Writers Market” can help you find success: Over 9,000 listings for book publishers, literary agents, magazines, online publications, contests, conferences and more!

What would you like to accomplish?
Find an agent for your fiction book, sell non-fiction articles to magazines or a film script to production companies, publish or make some money on the side?

In this annual “bible for writers” you will find places to sell your writing, whether you’ve got a book, manuscript, or an article idea. Make some money on the side and know how much to charge for these gigs with their popular pay rate chart. It includes topics from tackling content factories to negotiating contracts and from managing time and organization to make the most of the money writers earn. What it is not: a quality control of publishers. To be sure, go to “Writer Beware” or research for any complaints about certain publishers. Thank goodness they omitted some of the worst ones…

What’s more?

  • Manage your submissions with easy-to-use record keeping tools
  • Stay abreast of the latest publishing industry news
  • Gain advanced publishing and marketing knowledge from Q & A’s with publishing experts
  • Use information specific to your writing needs–whether you are interested in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s, script writing or agents.

What I like
Articles on freelancing, social media book marketing and the inclusion of some smaller, more genre specific markets. And a huge section of contests, grants and awards are a huge treasure trove for me. This book is a fantastic resource for every freelance writer, not matter what level. Whether you have never written anything and don’t know where to begin or if you are an experienced writer looking to sell a manuscript, you will find it here. And the valuable article “6 Ways to Protect Your Writing”. Then there are useful legal explanations, copyright and publishing contract tips.

However, nobody is perfect!  What I miss is a category index. If an author is looking for a publisher that accepts science fiction submissions she or he has literally to go through every publisher to find the handful they need. The text is sometimes hard to read due to the grey (instead of black) font. And then there are typos or grammar errors – dear editor!

How much is the “2012 Writer Market”?
Recently, I wrote an article about price comparison – and sure enough, there was a huge difference! (more than 100%) in e-book prices when I typed the title in at

Google              $9.12      February 20

Amazon            $9.12      February 20

Sony                $11.99     February 20

Apple                $14.99    February 20

Kobo                 $18.59    February 20

B&N                  $19.49    February  18

The soft-cover version with over 1,000 pages is $18.25 at Amazon – one of the few books I prefer to have in paper instead of digital.

Hyper Smash


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