15 Web Resources for Writers & Readers

18 Feb

Reading, Writing, Publishing and Best-Selling are the topics of these popular websites, no author should miss. They offer a cornucopia of news for writers and publishers, valuable tips, encouragement and fun for readers. Enjoy and bookmark!
Jane, the author/owner, is a long time romance reader whose passion is reading. Readers and Writers alike are benefitting on her website: book reviews, publishing news, interviews, Bestseller lists and answers for all kind of questions regarding books, publishing, e-books and e-Readers.
If your book isn’t selling so well, you can submit it here for critique. Please only submit one of your books. If you submit more than one, I will use the first one and the rest will be deleted. If you’ve had a book up and would like to submit another one, you can submit if it’s been longer than 3 months.
New World of Publishing” and “Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing” help authors going the self-publishing route for the first time. In Smiths’ words: “There is so much to talk about when a writer decides to become a publisher”.
Ebook Friendly. Simple, distraction-free wayto discover ebooks. Honorable mentions: Forbes, The Atlantik and PaidContent. The site was founded and designed by Piotr Kowalczyk, self-publisher, author of short stories for geeks and a declared enthusiast of electronic books. He will answer any question you might have in terms of e-books and e-publishing.
A digital blog from Great Britain in association with BookSeller, publishing news, solely written by guest bloggers. A must-read for writers and publishers, big and small.
They don’t list the best-selling books — they list the best books. They don’t list 6,072 results when you search for John Irving – they list only his best books just once. They don’t make you hunt around for hours to find the very best books on parenting — they do the work for you.
Publishing Perspectives is an online journal of international book publishing news and opinion. With correspondents around the world, they provide personal stories and analysis from those on the cutting edge of digital, global, and self-publishing.
No best-of-writing-websites list would be complete without Writer Beware, which is devoted to helping newbie writers and seasoned authors alike avoid getting scammed.
The Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network helps you research sources, publishers, printers and the media.
Motto: Helping you write, publish and sell your book. Sign up to receive Joanna Penn’s newsletter.

Writing from the heart and making it work. For bloggers, writers & non-writers: people who are in the business of writing online. It is all about writing content – and everything else that goes with it.
All lovers of the English language can thank Merriam-Webster for this great time waster.
Everything you need to know about copyright law is right here. We highly recommend the FAQ section.
In addition to a breakdown of basic grammar and punctuation rules, this site offers fun interactive quizzes with answer keys and explanations.
Looking for a conference or a writers retreat near you? Search this extensive database by date, topic or region.


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