How To Use Twitter For Book Marketing

16 Feb


Twitter SignTwitter is a place for conversation where each statement has to take place in 140 characters or less. However, there is a wide variety of options to start or refine your twitter feed.

Offer Quality Experience
Stay consistent and give people an idea of what to expect. If you start a professional channel, don’t share personal information. The key is to be proving your value and your worth.

Ask yourself, why am I posting this? You don’t even have to promote your book much in your twitter feed. If you get peoples attention and interest, they can follow a link to your website where you make your book-pitch.

Be Brief – Even for Twitter
Save room for people to retweet with their opinion. This especially includes your name, for each time someone retweets you, they have to quote you. Be willing to speak short and to the point, so that people have room to comment on your thoughts.

Use #Hashtags
The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keyword or topic in a Tweet. Any Twitter user can categorize or follow topics with hashtags. Instead of making up your own hashtags, see if a more popular version for your topic has already been created at: To see just how popular a given hashtag is, visit

Timing is Important
Sometimes you don’t have the time to constantly sending tweets into the flow to keep up with the stream. In these cases, time your tweets so that they appear in front of the most readers. How do you do this? Make use of to find the best time to tweet specific people. Or you can take the advice of marketing experts and tweet at a general time, such as 1pm Eastern Time in North America, that has the largest impact for hitting your target market. However, there is an even much better suggestion: tweeting multiple times a day to give yourself a presence within that flow.

Be Useful for Others
Figure out your marketing goals, and then craft the purpose of your channel on top of those goals. If you are starting a twitter feed to “sell more books” and then just plan to share promotion after promotion, no one will follow you because all you doing is speaking at them, there is no vested interest to become your follower.
About Book Marketing via Twitter
One author wrote: Yes, you can tweet about your book when it’s appropriate. And you can do such marketing strategies that I did:  I offered a signed copy for each of the top five donors to a fundraising campaign for deployed U.S. soldiers. This offer got extensive publicity for the book without my “broadcasting” promo news about it.

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