5 Tips and Funding Ideas for Your Book or Writing Project

15 Feb

Using popular websites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, authors can send out worldwide calls for funding. Don’t limit yourself to applying for official grants – which can be worthwhile, but treacherous to procure. Why not open the door to the exciting possibility of having your latest literary project funded by loyal fans?

Better your chances of getting funded

  • It is fundamental for running a successful fundraising campaign to engage your audience with a well-crafted proposal. Spend plenty of time honing your pitch, explaining why someone should support your literary endeavor.
  • Give supporters unique and valuable incentives to do so. One author for sample offered the chance to name a character in her novel to anyone donating $50 or more. This sparked a lot of interest, as readers love to be involved in the writing process.
  • Choose carefully the total amount you are requesting. If you can give exact figures for your expenses it will show your professionalism of your campaign.
  • Keep tweeting, chiming, googling and posting updates about your campaign and how much you have achieved as events progress. A social media presence is vital to getting your message out, gently reminding your readers and followers that you have a set time limit, like: “Just a week left to contribute to my campaign!” or “only $10 to save the day, please spread the word” to show how close you are to your target line.
  • Most important: Don’t forget to send each of your supporters a friendly thank-you-note as their contributions come in. You might even inform them about the progress of your campaign, every time you reach a milestone. This way they might even contribute more or at least spread the word. Everyone likes to be graciously acknowledged, even if they send as little as five dollars to support your campaign.

 Did you ever try this funding route? And what was your success?


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