Free Kindle e-Book Valentines Day

14 Feb

Author Margaret Kell Virany finds a romantic love story from the roaring Twenties buried in letters, journals, diaries and photos left to her by her parents. This love-story e-book with 12 authentic photos pins readers’ eyes to a spark of attraction ignited in World War I that develops into an eternal flame in the snowy expanses and frozen lakes of up North with Manitoba’s Cree people.

Kathleen's Cariole Ride

Kathleen's Cariole Ride

Get this fascinating e-book today, Valentines Day, for free – as a gift for a loved one or for your own enjoyment.

As a travel story it reveals the excitement of serving in action with the Canadian Navy in WWI, flying from London to Paris in 1917, crossing the Atlantic on steamships, canoeing up the fur trade route, and going on a winter trek in a cariole. This is the ancient, original toboggan aboriginals invented in the high Arctic to be pulled by dog teams. It was large and comfortable, to be used on special occasions or for special people. The French Canadians in the 19th century renamed it a cariole and sometimes pulled it by horses.

Another facet of the story is the account of life on a Swampy Cree reservation and the positive role of missionaries in that era.

The author’s parents were an unlikely pair. Kathleen Ward was a city councillor’s daughter from Portsmouth, England (pop. 190,000) and John Ambrose Campbell Kell  (Jack) was a farmer from Cookstown, Ontario, Canada (pop. 550 not counting the pigs, horses and cows). They met in 1917 when her father, a Sunday School teacher, invited some colonial servicemen home for tea.

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