Free Book: Love Story of a War Bride in Canada’s North

13 Feb

Perfect Valentine’s Gift – doesn’t make fat, doesn’t wither, doesn’t cost anything…

Kathleen’s Cariole Ride 

Kathleen, a courageous British women who made immense personal sacrifices, left everything behind – family, friends and way of life – to follow her husband in 1927, as (probably) the last war bride from WWI right into the Northern Canadian Wildernis to help evangelize the First Nation Indians.

War brides, moved thousands of miles away – usually to Canadian cities, villages and farms – joining their husband, a man they barely knew. Kathleen’s future husband, a minister, worked and lived on the extremely remote reservation of  Oxford House, Manitoba, in Canada’s northern wilderness, close to Hudson Bay.

After Margaret Kell Virany’s parents died, she found diaries, photographs and love letters that let us peek into a fascinating social history, describing challenges and details of pioneer life on this Northern reserve and struggle in a minister’s family.

Many touching stories and exciting details include canoe trips along the old fur trade route, generous native neighbors, a dangerous journey to the hospital in mid-winter on a horse drawn toboggan to deliver her baby, life-threatening forest fires and pre-television social life.

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