How to Discover Your Tribe of Book Followers

09 Feb

Hours after posting this previous article last night I just found another one with almost the same topic “Discover Your Tribe on Google+”  – instead of LinkedIn, but with similar tips how to find followers – contrary to spamming them with your business ads.

“Re-sharing (or re-tweet) content posted by someone is a way of telling the world that we agree with the original ideas of the creator.  This also applies if the content is not original but a link to an article or a photo on the Internet. In this case we are saying, “Look at the cool stuff that X found.”  Resharing has its own rules, since Google+ will remove the intermediate sharer’s info after the third level reshare. Thus most people would include a “via” or “hat tip to” (h/t) comment in the reshare.

If a post is reshared many times it might make it into the “Whats Hot” list and go viral. Having a post go viral is the writer’s version of musicians listening to their song in the radio.  Reaching this tipping point gives even seasoned Google+ members a kick. It basically means that a lot of people agree with your idea and the way you presented it.”

Read their tips Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applied to social media


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