Battle of the Giants: Amazon – Barnes & Noble

09 Feb

Amazon published at least 122 books in the fall of 2011.
Barnes and Noble, who cannot sell e-books from Amazon’s published works, has decided not to sell the print versions of those Amazon-published books in its stores. This marks a continued battle for control over distributing the words of (at least English-speaking) authors.

Publishers Weekly reported a week ago:

Amazon has proven they would not be a good publishing partner to Barnes & Noble as they continue to pull content off the market for their own self interest.
B&N: “We don’t get many requests for Amazon titles, but if customers wish to buy Amazon titles from us, we will make them available only online at

Independent booksellers had a mixed reaction last week to the New Harvest (Amazon) announcement. While some said they have no intention to carry New Harvest, or other Amazon, titles, others said they will sell the books if they get good terms.

Comments on these news:
“Ah, the business world. Was it just yesterday it seemed like that everyone was villifying B&N for closing down lesser competitors, and mom and pop stores? I’m confused who is good and bad in this struggle for dominance.”

“Books, their authors and readers, are all consumed as fuel in the titanic struggle for shareholder value.”

“It appears publishers and retailers have forgotten the very reason for their exisence, the author. When any industry neglects the inventor and the consumer, the life cycle of the industry comes to an end. Instead of competition and innovation in business models, executives run to the least costly method – protectionism.”

What are your thoughts?


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