How to Self-Publish, and Why You Should

31 Jan

It is a great time to be a writer!

Author David Gaughran explains detailed and easy to understand in his latest book “How to Self-Publish – and Why You Should – the current state of the publishing industry from the authors, e-book publishers and the traditional book publisher side.

He covers topics such as piracy, royalties, literary agents and all these self-publishing myths.

In part 2 David Gaughran explains to authors how they can avoid (costly) mistakes in self-publishing, how important professional editing, well-done cover images and proper formatting are.

He stresses the importance of marketing a book -without incurring any cost but your time – such as blogging, creating a website, social networking and lots of reviews. And then he shows us 33 authors and their self-publishing success stories. Enough to be convinced?

I am surprised how few many authors know about publishing. They have a chance now to learn from this easy to understand, concisely and well written book to understand why and how self-publishing works – before they whine about not finding a publisher – and often end up with a vanity publisher who strips them of thousands of dollars for a couple of paper books, that are mostly not even edited.


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