How to create Book Sweepstakes

29 Jan

To gain a maximum of exposure for your book(s), create a book sweepstake. Thanks
to social media, such as Google+,, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. where you can announce the sweepstakes, it works like a snow ball system. It may start with only one person (you) who invites friends and acquaintances to the sweepstake, who invite their friends, who invite their friends…. well, you get the point.

For sample:
“You and five friends are invited to experience a marvelous evening of fine dining and wining, a delicious five-course dinner, prepared by a talented chef, perfectly paired with exquisite wines, value $900.”  “Enter your name and email address”. Then a window pops up: “Congratulations! Your entry was successfully submitted. Thanks for your entry. Now invite the 5 friends you would like to share your gourmet dinner & wine with, and login with Facebook.”

This way, word is spread already 5 times…. and these 5 friends also want to win and enter the contest, and tell their friends about it, and these friends…

The first prize could also be a ski-outing, a surf-lesson, a nostalgic train trip or a scenic flight, depending on how much you want to spend for this marketing campaign.

You certainly can deduct the cost from your tax, provided you document it.  Sweepstakes are regulated in many countries, the USA, Canada and many European states all have laws governing sweepstakes. In Canada and several European countries the entrants have to solve a math puzzle – which you can use to bring expose the title of your book(s) even more into the spotlight.

You could ask for sample: If 15,600 copies of my book “How to make a Million in one year?” has been sold in 2011, and 12,000 books in the first quarter of 2012, how many of this book “How to make a Million in one year?” have been sold in total so far?

Important: Don’t forget to link the title of your book life to the online retailer (Amazon, Apple, Google, Sony) or your even better your on e-commerce website.

Everyone dreams about winning large sums of money, but we also like to win smaller prizes too. We like to being called “the winner”. Sweepstake promotions are a great way to increase visibility and book sales.



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