Are You Looking For an e-Publisher?

26 Jan

e-book conversion

While some of the new e-publishing houses are excellent and are a great option to get a book published, others are simply looking to take advantage of unwary writers. Search for the right e-Publishing houses, those who are interested in your genre and those who are providing a good service to their authors – otherwise you are better off self-publishing.

Beside the genres the publishing house is interested in, ask them or find out on their website if they are offering the same services as traditional publishers, such as editing. Do they thoroughly edit books before publishing it. Does they have a cover artist who creates your book cover. Have a look at their former titles. How is their e-book formatting? Read some of their published e-books to see the formatting quality. Providing the ISBN
Number is a given for a publisher.  What are their submission rules?

Marketing and Social Media
How do they market the books they accept and how? Advertising, catalogues, professional websites, blogs? Does they have an affiliate program? To which newspapers and magazines do they pitch their publishing contingent for review and possible interviews? Do they regularly send out press releases?

Do they have a professional and frequently updated blog? Are they regularly on Google+, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook? Is their Website linked to any other on-line book club?

And where do they distribute their e-books? Can customers order and download books from their site? Which other retail outlets? Apple, Amazon, Sony, Barns&Noble?  Any Australian, European or Asian retailers?

How long have they been in business? This could be only two or three years, as e-readers and e-books are only really popular since 2007 / 2008.
Could you find any complaints about them when googling or at these websites:
Preditors and Editors
Writer Beware
Absolute Write

Terms and Conditions
For how long would you have to sign the publishing contract? What rights do you have to sign off and for which part of the world? USA ? North America? Europe? Australia? Asia? Only English rights or other languages as well? Are you signing off serial rights?
Do they pay any advance on royalties and how much? What royalties are paid to the author and are they from the retail price?  Most e-book publishers don’t pay advances on royalties. Should they ever ask YOU for any payments, run! In this case they are only masking as publishers, but are in reality a vanity firm or an off-shoot of a book publisher.

Ratings of e-publishing houses can be found on this very useful blog:

Other listings of e-book publishers (no ratings or endorsements)

International and US e-book publishers


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