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23 Jan

Freelance Writing - Be in Control



POSITIVE IMPACT MAGAZINE (“PIM”) wants to tell stories about people creating a positive impact in and on our world. Stories in Positive Impact Magazine are about people, businesses and groups that are engaging in selfless acts to improve the life of an individual, the welfare of a community, the fate of a country or the world in general. We do not accept stories or articles about for-profit or self-promoting acts.

Online Articles: 800 words or less, accompanied by 4 teaser blogs of 100 words or fewer. These blogs will promote the article on our website. The blogs should be written by you the writer, not pulled from the main article. These blogs will promote the main article. Sidebars: 100 to 250 words.
Please send a Query first.


Majority of pieces freelance written. A story must have two attributes before it will be considered for publication. First, its focus must be on Alaska. Equally important, the story must be an example of superlative writing, preferably with a well-developed narrative at its core. Whether it’s a history piece on Aleut baskets or an adventure tale about hiking in the Brooks Range, it should always have an “only in Alaska” aspect. Main stories around 2,000 words. Several columns are available for smaller pieces. Pays up to 50 cents/word.


AMC Outdoors inspires readers to get outside and get involved by providing high-quality coverage of outdoor recreation, education, and conservation topics throughout the Northern Appalachian region, from Maine to Virginia. Features range from 2,000 to 2,500 words and often include sidebars. Our editorial departments make up the front matter of AMC Outdoors. They are designed to be short, in-depth articles that provide readers with news and advice on a variety of outdoor recreationand conservation topics. We generally pay $500-$700 for features and $150-$400 for department columns.

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