What is a KindleGraph?

19 Jan

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KindleGraphs are a way of making e-books a bit more personal. As an author, no matter what type of event we do, we usually sign our books and personalize them for the person buying the book. So what about readers who don’t have the opportunity to visit authors in person at these events? How do they go about getting something e-autographed? The answer is: Kindlegraph. 

Kindlegraph lets authors send personalized inscriptions and signatures (“kindlegraphs”) directly to the electronic reading devices of their fans. See it in action on this screencast:

Some of the Frequent Asked Questions:

Do readers need to own or buy my book in order to receive a Kindlegraph?
No, but readers who request your Kindlegraph are very likely to be current or future readers.

Do readers need to own a Kindle device to receive a Kindlegraph?
No, Kindlegraphs are viewable on a wide variety of platforms. Readers can simply enter a regular email address at the time of their request and they will receive an email with links to download a PDF version (viewable in applications like iBooks) or an AZW version (viewable in all Kindle apps on iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, etc.) of their Kindlegraph.

Do I need to have a Kindle version of my book to sign up for Kindlegraph?
No, any book (even paperbacks and hardcovers) can be Kindlegraphed as we simply attach your inscription and
signature to a cover image of the book.

Does Kindlegraph use my real signature or does it just print my name in a script font?
One of the most distinctive features of Kindlegraph is the ability to actually draw your signature. This signing takes place completely in the browser window using a mouse (or your finger if you use a
tablet). However, there is also a default option that allows authors to print their name in a script font if they don’t want to use the signing feature.

Is there a cost to send or receive a Kindlegraph?
Requesting, sending and receiving Kindlegraphs are free!
However, if a reader uses Amazon’s Personal Document Service to receive the Kindlegraph on his/her Kindle then Amazon may charge a small delivery fee.

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