Under SOPA You Could Get 5 Years in Jail

19 Jan



Georg Holtzer, a German author published this on Twitter:

“Under SOPA you could get 5 years for uploading a Michael Jackson song – one year more than the doctor who killed him…”
SOPA and PIPA: You’ve certainly heard about these two, but maybe you’re still not quite sure exactly what they mean or why they’ll be bad for your business—and make no mistake, they will certainly have a negative effect for small and medium sized businesses. In this great blog it is explained:

SOPA is the acronym for the House of Representatives’ Stop Online Piracy Act. Partnered with SOPA is the Senate’s Protect IP Act (PIPA). If these bills pass, together they will unleash chaos and destruction that will obliterate the internet as we know it.

Am I exaggerating? I don’t even know if I am. Because these bills really are serious bad news.

SOPA and PIPA were created in hopes of cracking down on pirates and rogue websites posting copyright infringing content. The bill’s description of what constitutes “intellectual property infringement” is remarkably vague and could encompass anything from memes to bad YouTube karaoke.

If your site is identified as hosting copyrighted material, you’d find your online advertising networks like AdWords disabled, payment facilitators like PayPal would be banned from doing business with you, and search engines would be ordered to take down links to your site (can you feel the SEO earth shaking beneath your feet?). Internet service providers would block access to your site and your domain name would be taken down with DNS blocking –you know, the thing they use for the Great Firewall of China?




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