19 Jan


“One hundred grand. That’s how much I have made on Amazon in the last three weeks.
So far in January I’m averaging well over $3500 a day.
This is just for my self-pubbed Kindle titles. It doesn’t include Shaken and Stirred, which were published by Amazon’s imprints. It doesn’t include any of my legacy sales, print or ebook. It doesn’t include audiobook sales. It doesn’t include sales from other platforms.  This is from my self-pubbed books. The ones the Big 6 rejected. I am soooo glad I had so many books rejected.”Read the whole story in J.A. Konrath’s blog and see his original sales lists:

But wait: Before an author dreams about these sales figures, he or she should have written as many books and been as busy on social media networks as J.A. Konrath. 


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