Social Media Strategy for Starters

10 Jan

Here’s a useful, simple beginners guide to a social media marketing strategy map anyone can use:

Blog two or three times per week and keep posts to 250-300 words. Make them keyword rich(words you would enter into Google Search to find YOU). Make sure each post gives one interesting or useful piece of information to the reader about your area of expertise.

The same day you blog, post a link to that blog on your Facebook Fan Page, adding an invitation to join you on the blog for more posts on your subject matter. Auto-post it directly to your Twitter account by linking your Twitter account to your Facebook fan page through this Facebook app link:

The next day press the share button under your Fan Page post and share it to your personal profile.  Your friends are your closest supporters.  Ask them to share your post with their friends, leave you comments and let you know if you can help them with your area of expertise.

Two days later, turn your blog post into a simple, how-to video by reading it into your web cam. Post the video to YouTube and tag the video with your keywords.

This is an over simplified map, designed to get you thinking about sharing content throughout social media.  There are many, many subtle and more complicated nuances and strategies to increase your visibility, but this is a good start. Read more…



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