How an Unfinished Books Hits # 1

10 Jan

Do authors have to be social?  No, but it helps tremendously!
“I have never had a single ad for any of my novels, had a movie made or been given a big budget push by a publisher. Usually, they just throw my book out to reviewers and hope it floats.

Some authors are realizing that the social aspect of their work can be a powerful engine:  Earlier this year, author John Green — who writes fiction for young adults — showed that it is possible to hit number one on the bestseller list with a book that hasn’t even been published yet.

He was able to do this in part because he had already spent the past couple of years building up a following on Twitter (where he has over 1,000,000 followers) and on YouTube, where he posts clips of himself reading from his books. The simple mention of a sequel to a book was enough to push it to the top of the bestseller list.”

Read the whole article:  Do authors have to be social?  No, but it helps tremendously!
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Read also this amazing story of a bestseller author:
Tweeting from a La-Z-Boy, An Unfinished Book Hits No. 1 .



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