Where Can You Sell Your e-Books?

06 Jan

E-Book sales will rise to almost $10 billion in 2016, according to a JuniperResearch.

Authors and small publishers gain more and more opportunities to market their book and magazin content via online publishers and e-book distributors.  But exactly where can e-books be sold, beside their own e-commerce website – which every author should have to keep 100% profits?

Ebook Stores to submit your book

Amazon (Kindle)
They offer currently over one million ebooks and audio books in various sattelite estores around the world. Royalty rates are 70 percent for titles priced between $2.99 and $9.99 that are at least 20 percent lower than the lowest list price for the title’s print version. For prices below or above, the royalty rate is 35 percent.
Supported formats are PDF, AZW, Mobipocket and ePub.

Barnes&Noble Books (Nook)
Only US-based authors and publishers can distribute through B&N’s PubIt! site.  Royalty rates are 65 percent for titles priced between $2.99 and $9.99. For other prices 40 percent.
Supported formats are PDF and ePub.

Apple iBookstore (iPad)
The Apple iBookstore lists presently over 700,000 titles. The royalty rate is 70 percent for all book prices over $2.99. To publish there you have to use a Mac device and have a US Tax ID (including non-US residents), a valid iTunes Store account among others.

Ebook Stores to submit your book via Aggregators / Author Services

Sony Reader Store
Over 1.2 million titles are currently listed at the Sony Reader Store. Selling books Sony using an aggregator such as eBookIt, FastPencil, LuLu or BookBaby, earned royalty be 60 percent.

Kobo lists over 2.3 million titles on their own Kobo eReader Touch. Their focus is on mobile devices including cell phones.  Authors and small publishers must use the eBookIt Distributor. In addition to royalty rates, Kobo charges a conversion fee that starts at $29.
Kobo supports ePub format.


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