How to Get More Re-Tweets

04 Jan

Want More Re-Tweets and spread the word about the launch of your new bestseller book? 

Your audience on Twitter follows potential leaders in their area or industry. They want to learn more, have access to more content, and reach people they might not otherwise meet in real life.

  • Followers want content that is credible, intelligent, and valuable.
    More than 70% of re-tweeted content is about news, and more than 50% of re-tweeted content is either instructional or entertainment-related. Think books!
  • If you have something valuable to share, you probably want as many people as possible to spread that content or message, and simply asking others to re-tweet that content can be an effective way to generate more re-tweets from other Twitter users. Using the words “Please Re-Tweet” will generate 4x more re-tweets.
  • Your content is less likely to be re-tweeted if it is centered around your products and services. When tweeting, keep in mind the information your target audience craves and the problems they need to solve, and tweet that type of content most.
  • Don’t forget: the length of a tweet cannot exceed 140 characters. Not allowing room in your tweets for people to add “RT @….” plus their comment, will discourage people from re-tweeting. The easier you make it for others to re-tweet your content, the more likely they will do it.
  • Always include hashtags in your tweets. If someone isn’t following you but is searching the hashtag, they will still see your tweet and potentially spread your content.
  • Spreading links back to your website and blog content should be natural. Get as many people to retweet your content as possible so that more than just your immediate Twitter followers will see your blog posts, ebooks, and other content.
  • “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.” If you retweet someone else’s content, your Twitter username may stand out to that person among all the clutter on Twitter.
  • Make it easy for others who consume your content – a blog post, an e-book, or a webinar – to tweet about it. Add social media share buttons and links to all of the content you produce to encourage people to re-tweet it with just the click of a button.
  • Timing is important: late in the day and week are the most re-tweetable time periods. Compare it with your time zone. And Twitter is not only popular in the USA. After all, it’s a world wide web…



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