Why Throw Out Your Money?

03 Jan

Would you like to talk with business partners, friends or family members who live at the other end of the world or just in another state – for free? Yes? 

Why don’t you do it??? Why pay AT&T, Bell or Rogers a fortune if it is not necessary?  You are almost always in reach of a laptop, tablet or computer – why not use Skype, the FREE phone? 

Skype has 670 million registered users.  I am wondering why not more.  Almost everyone in the world could use it, technically speaking.

Sounds like I am a sales rep for Skype, right? 
NO, not at all, but I am using it for over ten years, when it often had a lousy connection, when it often sounded as you were sitting in a bath tub, when the connections broke down in the middle of your conversation. 

But it got better and better and now since it was bought by Microsoft in Spring of 2011, there are no problems anymore.  It sounds like calling from a regular landline, often even better than from a cell phone.  I have a landline too, which I should cancel as my phone lays in a drawer, not used since over a year, and faxes could be send over the internet as well.

What I like best on the VoIP system? 
Not to be interrupted by phone calls from sales persons when I am working, or from other silly, unnecessary calls that could be replaced by emails – which I open when it is convenient for me.  And sometimes it is good to have a message in writing, black on white for proof…

Users can download Skype for free, to use it on Windows, Mac, Blackberry or iPhone. Registered users of Skype are identified by a unique Skype Name.  Instead of a phone number you can choose a Skype name to use on these devices.

Skype is more than an Internet phone:
You can make conference calls to talk “face to face”. Why waste time and money, have all the inconvenience of international travel when you can “meet” up to five business partners in one conference call or through Skype audio conferences, currently supporting up to 25 people at a time, including the host?

Your Grandma has no computer or Blackberry? 
Call her on her landline!  For free in the United States and Canada.  And if she lives in China or Great Britain, it costs you 1.2 cents per minute, to India 2.2 cents.

Travelling a lot?
Use Skype for WiFI and pay only for the time you are online, not the amount you download.

Would you like to open a business branch in Europe? You don’t need to hire staff yet, just get a Skype “number” there and answer your phone calls while sitting on your computer in the States.

I am wondering why not all corporations and government agencies use Skype in favor of expensive landlines and save our tax money. Skype is claimed to be a secure communication, encryption cannot be disabled, and is invisible to the user. Skype reportedly uses publicly-documented, widely trusted encryption techniques.

The downside? 
911 Emergency calls  cannot be provided by Skype.

There are other possibilities to avoid the traditional phone system by “Voice of Internet Protocol”, such as Google Voice or iMessage from Apple. More of these and why phone numbers should be abandoned:


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