Market Your Book First – Write it Later

03 Jan


Author Nick Russell who has just sold 33,000+ books last month in an interview:

While I have been a self-publisher for many years, I’m still relatively new to the whole e-book thing. But every day I sell a few books, and my sales numbers have been improving every week. While I’ll probably never make it into the exalted neighborhood of e-book authors like John Locke, who recently became the first independent e-book author/publisher to sell one million copies of his books, my experience so far has been very positive.

Some e-book authors or wannabes have asked me how I have gone about marketing my e-books, and for advice about how they can help their own sales. Some of these questions and my answers include:

Q. Do you feel that your blog followers provided a ‘platform’ which purchased your novel as well?

A. There is no doubt that my initial sales came from existing blog readers. As soon as I announced that the mystery was available on Kindle, people started ordering it. In fact, before I ever published it on Kindle, I sent out free copies by e-mail to a large number of blog readers and asked them for their feedback. Many of those same people went to Amazon and purchased an “official” copy once it was available. 

Q. Do you think you would have done as well had you no following?

A. I believe in my work, so yes, I do believe that I would have done as well, eventually. But there is no question that having those blog readers as a base certainly made things happen a lot faster.  

Q. Has social media helped your e-book sales, and how?

A. I made a couple of posts on Facebook and Twitter about Big Lake, as well as on the popular Escapees RV forum, which I frequent. And from there the momentum picked up.

Somebody on Facebook, Twitter, or the RV forum will say they read the book and liked it, and somebody else might make a follow-up comment in agreement, and from there a couple more people order it. They in turn might post a comment, and the process repeats itself.

Q. Do you have any ideas for those of us who have no or a small platform and following?

A. My advice for those who don’t already have a platform or following is to develop one. Start a blog, work at making it a good blog, and develop a following. That doesn’t happen overnight.*

I approach publishing as a business, and nothing in business happens overnight. I have been blogging for several years, and every year my following has grown.

* probably a year or longer

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