Comparison of Vanity Presses

29 Dec

Fine Print of Self-publishing

The owner of, Mark Levine, did a great job in finding out all these perks and fees and published it online and more detailed in an e-book. 

The only thing I am not agreeing with him, is calling those vanity companies, “publishers” – which they are definitely not!!! These companies don’t pay any advances – instead the author has to pay for everything from editing, to cover-image to book layout to formatting or printing if it is a paper book. And on top of that the author has to split the royalties with this vanity company (often a print shop).  If the writer wants to have copies of his own book (that he had paid for production in the first place) he has to buy! them from this vanity printing company…

OK, here it goes:

FORMAT OF BOOKS: Paperback (authors interested in creating ebooks are forwarded to the Kindle section of

GENRES ACCEPTED: CreateSpace, an company (now combined with BookSurge, another previously distinct brand), operates much the same as and is more of a content manager and printer than a publisher. Therefore, it does not discern genres or quality of writing; it only asks that you not use the site to print books that are disturbing
PUBLISHING FEES: CreateSpace offers a variety of services, available for review at There are do-it-yourself publishing packages where it is free to upload your book (, but you need to create your own cover and interior and submit them correctly to CreateSpace. CreateSpace only recommends its do-it-yourself packages for people with design experience….. read more:



Hyper Smash

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