Scholarships for Writers Conferences

15 Dec

Photo Christl Walker


An early number of partial and full scholarships are available for application covering the $325 registration fee only. Transportation to and from Homer and conference activities, housing and incidentals are the recipient’s responsibility.

To apply, individuals must submit a letter describing why they want to attend the conference and the reasons for scholarship assistance need. Applications are due March 12. Applicants will be notified of their status by April 6.


Locations:  Washington DC, Boston MA, Los Angelos CA, San Francisco CA, New York City, Chicago IL.

We are committed to making The OpEd Project programs affordable for any woman who is committed to changing the world with her voice. To that end, we provide full and partial scholarships for up to 40% of participants in any seminar. Our scholarship protocol is as follows: We ask anyone requesting a scholarship to “pay in words” by sending us a request in writing telling us why the assistance is needed, what op-ed you are committed to writing, and how it will contribute to changing the world.

Found at Fundsforwriters


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