Where Readers and Writers Meet

04 Dec


It is fun and at the same time a smart and inexpensive way to market your books and interact with your readers. 

Give your books even more exposure and participate in as many forums as you can find.  Not to spam them with your book titles, mind you, but to participate in discussions, to learn from others and eventually to mention your books in an unobtrusive way or offer it for discussions.  You can ask readers of their opinion on all things relating to your book: the cover image, the plots, book layout… whatever interests you and want to get feedback from readers.  Not to mention of encouraging them to write book reviews.

Learn about a variety of both books and reader’s perspectives; get 24 hour access and ease of communication.  And yes, give your book suggestions.

Don’t forget to have your email signature and your website link and if possible an image of your book title in each of your posts, so potential readers and customers can find you easily.

Here are some of the most popular places were readers and authors meet:



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