Choosing the Right Genre:

04 Dec

It can make all the difference… how well your book sells.

Millions of books are being published in the world today. Categorization of books by topic and content has become an important tool for readers to enable them to choose what they like to read. Readers, booksellers, publishers, and authors alike benefit from category descriptions for books, it is important for authors to determine the best genre or category to identify their book before publishing.
Comprehensive listing of genres can be found on the Internet:

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror:

Sub-genres of Romance:

A short list of fiction genres (but with extensive definitions):   (under the “Info for Writers” section).  (click on definition and examples)

According to Publishers Weekly, the most popular genres in e-book literature are:

  • Literary/Classic
  • Science Fiction
  • Romance
  • Mystery/Detective
  • General Fiction
  • Thriller
  • Young Adult
Amazon takes you right to a fiction page and the top-selling e-books …
It could take readers forever to find what they are looking for – unless they click on a GENRE link.
B & N does something similar, but their GENRE listings are more obvious and on the main page instead of just on a side menu.
Genres are a bit like a contract that the writer makes with the reader. For example: If I want a mystery, I’m looking for a different reading experience and have different expectations than if I pick up a romance.  Book buyers want to get something specific. Genre allows them to narrow the field down.

Categorizing your book not only helps you to sharpen its position, but also to market it to publishers. Categorization enables you to send your inquiries to publishers and editors that specialize in your type of book and to mention the category in the first sentence of your query letter. As well as guiding you while writing, categorization also significantly improves your chances of acceptance by a publisher. 




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