How Much Does a 99c eBook Cost on Amazon?

01 Dec


World Wide Web?

World Wide Web?

No, not a trick question.

“Amazon may not be selling a 99c ebook for 99c. It may well be selling this 99c ebook for $3.50, and grabbing most of the difference.” 

I just ordered on Amazon. com an ebook written by a friend in Germany (in German language) that was priced at $0.99 and experienced just that: I had to pay $3.49 for the book. Download fees and sales tax. Tax is ok with me, but download fee?  It is a world wide web and no one ever asked me for fees to download something on the internet.

And in case you’re wondering, a “free” book isn’t free either. Your free book will cost you $2 in Italy. Or if you order a book in the USA, written in Italien language, it will not be “free” here.

Amazon and B&N: why are they not global players?
Why not tap into the worlwide customer base?

“The new Kindle Fire is not, and for the foreseeable future will not be sold in the UK or Germany or France, despite those countries having Kindle sites. And a reminder here that the B&N nook is utterly useless outside the US as B&N do not download outside the US borders. Two fantastic new e-Readers, purpose built for ePub3, are in fact exclusively for the US market. The rest of the world is stuck with the old black & white Kindle.”

Customers may order from an ebook store where the company doesn’t penalize them for where they live. What about the Sony ebook store? 

Did you ever order books, published in other countries from them?  Did they charge you more than listed on the website?



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