Entrepreneurial Authors and Self-publishing

30 Nov

The e-book revolution is a blessing for both, readers and authors, entrepreneurial authors have the highest success of all when self-publishing.  I am predicting that e-Readers soon will be more common than a TV in households.

The old monopoly of agents and publishers controlling what and who gets published is totally broken. History proves that this elite is no better at judging the quality and potential success of books than the reading public.

Only a few bestseller authors are chosen by traditional publishers for the royal treatment —  often those who don’t need the support. Their books are everywhere. At the same time, though, the volume of online review sources has exploded. And the number of reviewers who review self-published and/or indie authors is climbing.  In addition, there are a host of websites that will feature your traditionally published novel. So it’s not as if promotion and support isn’t there–  it’s just moved online.

“During the last weeks, HarperCollins has seen its ebook sales growing almost 10 percent, week-on-week”.  And Random House: “We’ve seen e-book growth outstrip our total sales.”

Don’t forget: E-book readers tend to buy more books than none-ebooks readers.





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One response to “Entrepreneurial Authors and Self-publishing

  1. marlene

    December 13, 2011 at 10:51 am

    I totally agree. I wanted to publish my book (s) ther traditional way, but while reading so much about ebooks and finally starting to read ebooks myself, I decided: No.
    The traditional publishing circus is a long, long way which is actually opposing to the fast life we all live and too many times you feel like a begger instead of an artist who has to offer something of value.
    Thank you for your information here…I love reading it and will certaintly keep doing it.


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