Why Did I Self-Publish?

28 Nov
Book "The Happiest Person Alive"

Book "The Happiest Person Alive"

James Altucher, formerly published by such traditional houses as Wiley and Penguin wrote in one of his blogs:

Publishers claim they do a lot of marketing for you. That’s laughable. Publishers do nothing to help 95% of their authors to build their platforms and their own brands. This would increase author loyalty and make the lack of a meaningful advance almost worth it.

I’ll give you a quick example. I have published five books with major publishers. The majority of books now are sold through Amazon. Not a single publisher told me I can log into:

  • Amazon’s Author Central
  • create an author’s page
  • link my author’s page to my blog
  • upload a Video
  • have my Twitter feed in there
  • have an FAQ in there

and all the other basic tools Amazon uses to market your book.

Why? This is the world’s biggest bookseller. Why wasn’t I told about a basic marketing platform I could use?  I just learned about it last week after writing books for eight years. Now I have it all hooked up and I have a feeling I’ve only begun to explore the Author Central area and what Amazon can do for me.”

Read all the other reasons why he self-publishes:



Hyper Smash


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