Don’t rush to get your book out

26 Nov


They call themselves often “Publisher” and almost everyone else uses this phrase too. But they are content managers / POD printers / book distributors – not really publishers. They do not pay any advances and are mostly not too concerned about any editing of your book – unless they can make a business out of it, using freelance editors, and charge you hefty fees.

Here are some tips for a smooth self-publishing experience:

Research the self-publishing company you plan to use thoroughly. Check out:

  • Ask lots of questions and let them know your expectations.  Read their website carefully.  Learn everything you can about the publication process and the cost.  Find out what type of author support is available, and what they expect from their authors.  Contact several of their authors.  
  • Take the time to submit a manuscript that is error free. A professional edit is a MUST.
  • Review proofs extremely carefully. Make sure corrections are done properly. Let it read by at least one more person.
  • Enjoy the process. Publishing a book is a major accomplishment. Instead of rushing it, take the time to savor each moment.



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