How Darren Rowse gets millions of blog visitors

30 Oct is seen by over 3 million people each month.  In April 2006 when Darren Rowse started the site, it was just a simple blog that saw 3-4 new posts a week. The growth of a blog can be attributed to many different factors: quality content, generating a subscriber’s list, and excellent Search Engine Optimization. Rowse says that “leveraging” had a big part in his blog’s success. What he did was:

  • directing readers from a previous photography blog to his new site
  • using his connections in the photography blogging world to get some promotion from other sites
  • asking his Flickr followers to promote his site

Among other good practices, he used resources that he already had on-hand to help him to boost his new site.

What can YOU do with your blog content?

Create an Ebook
Find a series of articles that have a similar topic and compile them into a marketable format.

Create a Video Series 
Say you’ve got a bunch of articles that describe, step by step, how to create (…fill in…)

Post on Social Media
Recycle some of your most interesting content and post it on, Facebook, eZines – always with a link to your blog.

Refer-a-friend Promotion
Provide a reward for your users that gets another person to become a visitor, member or sign up for the email list.

Guest Posting 
Guest posting allows you to attract targeted traffic that is already interested in your niche.

Blog Comments
Participate in the comments section of other blogger’s posts and on social sites.

There’s no need to constantly create new things – instead form new relationships, or attract new readers to your blog. You can even use this post to start leveraging right away – can you leave a comment that will get me to visit your site?



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